Patient Stories

Check out these patient testimonials and learn more about the positive impact the ConnectCare3 team has had on our patients’ outcomes.

Todd Eddy

“I feel energetic, have now lost 50 pounds since starting to work with Phil, and have gone down four pant sizes.”

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“If you’re even thinking about quitting, I encourage you to give ConnectCare3 a try. They support you every step of the way.”

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Colley Boyd

“He [Phil] held me accountable but motivated me with kindness, gave great advice, and showed unwavering support.”

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“I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't called ConnectCare3”

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Jessica Walter

“I’m so grateful for Phil’s guidance and encouragement. Without his help, I would still be using outdated information, and I would be struggling to see results.”

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Mary Henwood

“With Phil's support and constant encouragement, I have no doubt I'll reach my goal of being smoke-free.”

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Tina Krasnansky

“Thanks to ConnectCare3, I am back to singing in the choir, enjoying eating all types of food, sleeping well, and looking forward to more camping trips.”

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Marilu Deitrich

“I can say, without a doubt, that CC3’s intervention ensured that I received the right treatment at the right time.”

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“From our initial conversation, I knew this was a program that was going to work for me.”

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Ed Stapleton

“CC3 took away some of my fears as an advocate and caregiver.”

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“I would recommend ConnectCare3 to anyone who's having any kind of medical procedure or needs some guidance in healthcare.”

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