Angel’s Story

Angel’s Story

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For many years, I felt guilty about putting my personal fitness and health goals to the side. I would tell myself that I would begin focusing on them “once I had more time”.  I found myself having less time for my active hobbies while in graduate school and working full-time. I struggled mentally as I saw my body change without fully understanding how to maintain healthy habits while being so busy. During this time, I completed graduate school and even got engaged! Now was the time to finally give my body the attention it deserved and to be comfortable in my own skin on my wedding day.

I knew that what I was currently doing was not working for me. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  With this in mind, I was willing to venture out of my comfort zone by asking for help and gaining information on how to be successful with specific goals. I found ConnectCare3 (CC3) through my work benefits. Once I contacted CC3, I was quickly connected with a Registered Dietitian, Lindsay Moran, who helped me understand my food choices, provided me with recipes, and helped me determine what my calorie and macronutrient intake should be. As I normalized healthy eating and began to lose weight, I knew I wanted to dive deeper into my exercise habits. Lindsay connected me with Phil Thompson, a CC3 Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist.

I have seen incredible results while working with Coach Phil. Not only have I lost 22 pounds, but I have built more muscle than I knew was possible for me. I have surpassed the goals I originally set and am grateful for Phil always being flexible to assist me with anything I need each week. He answers any questions I have with easy-to-understand explanations, resources, or something additional to consider. Phil provides me with plans of action for how to improve specific concerns and gives me tips for how to manage everyday pain I have from working in an office setting. Phil has so much knowledge to share. I always feel supported working with Phil, and it helps me hold myself accountable to discuss how my workouts are going. I believe I have developed lifelong health and wellness habits and I now understand how to make time for my nutrition and exercise. I highly recommend ConnectCare3 for anyone, wherever you are on your wellness journey.


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