Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

Diagnosed with a Chronic Disease? Let Our Team Help

Our team approach to preventing and managing chronic conditions provides you with access to resources and expertise all in one place. This structure gives patients the tools they need to achieve a successful outcome.

Registered Nurses

As part of our Chronic Disease Management program you have access to a registered nurse who will:

  • Assess current self-management practices and overall understanding of your diagnosis. Enhance communication with your current team of physicians
  • Provide options for specialists if needed
  • Assist in keeping you on track with important follow-up tests and screenings

Certified Health Coaches

The certified health coaches will work with you to provide education and support surrounding the important lifestyle modifications that are essential for controlling chronic conditions.

Modifications include:

Registered Dietitians

Our registered dietitians will provide education about the connection between nutrition and health and identify areas for improvement based on the patient’s current dietary habits.

The registered dietitians will:

  • Complete a thorough nutritional assessment with you
  • Provide an evidence-based approach by utilizing nutrition to improve a chronic condition
  • Provide customized meal and snack suggestions for each patient most appropriate for their chronic condition

Do I Qualify for Chronic Disease Management & Prevention?

The Chronic Disease Management & Prevention team can provide the support needed to manage and prevent chronic conditions.

Eligible diagnoses for the Chronic Disease Management program:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity

Eligible conditions for the Chronic Disease Prevention program:

  • Prediabetes
  • Prehypertension
  • Overweight
  • Family History of Chronic Diseases

Get Help Managing Your Chronic Disease Today

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