Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia’s Story

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I am in my late 60’s and exercising has been part of my life since I was 25. I always thought I was well-versed in regard to exercise and nutrition. After working with a ConnectCare3 health coach for several months, however, I realized I had some misconceptions about these two topics and needed to change my way of thinking and make some modifications.

I haven’t eaten red meat in 20 years, and my diet mainly consists of fish, fruits and vegetables. I try to avoid processed foods, alcohol, flour, and added sugars. If I need a sweetener, I use raw maple syrup or honey. I drink 90 ounces of water each day and try not to eat anything after 5pm. My health coach told me he likes a lot about what I do nutritionally; however, after analyzing my diet he pointed out I wasn’t consuming enough protein. He further explained that everything structural in the body (bones, muscles, red blood cells, etc.) is made from protein. We can’t build and repair those structural things if we don’t consume enough protein. He added that protein is the only macro nutrient that really boosts metabolism due to the difficulty in breaking it down, and it’s so widely used in the body that it’s highly unlikely to be stored as fat. My health coach told me not to worry about eggs adversely affecting my cholesterol level as research shows 1-2 eggs/day is a great source of protein.

I really enjoy playing racquetball for cardio fitness and in the past had used free weights on other days of the week. My health coach customized a workout routine for me using weights, along with machines at my fitness center, and encouraged me to do resistance training at least four days each week. He felt a mix of free weights and machines would help me achieve the best results and said to always choose a resistance weight that allows you to perform the goal repetition range with good form. He reminded me that muscle is going to make a person weigh more and that an individual’s good cholesterol (HDL) increases as activity increases. My health coach introduced me to many new exercises and sent me links on proper form to ensure I was doing them properly. He also taught me about alternating upper & lower exercises and the importance of giving muscles a break.

I love going to the gym! It’s a huge stress reliever and a time I look forward to every day. Prioritizing exercise is easy for me because I enjoy it so much. If you’re struggling with weight loss, or trying to improve your fitness routine, I urge you to contact ConnectCare3. The health coach they provided for me was very knowledgeable and made me realize that an old dog can learn new tricks! I am very grateful for his expertise and will carry this newfound knowledge into my senior years with the confidence I’m doing everything I can to maintain optimal health.

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