Amy’s Story

Amy’s Story

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Almost eight years ago, I woke up one day with Type 1 diabetes. Normally it hits before you finish high school and rarely after college, so when it struck in my 30s, it caught me (and my doctors) off guard. I received very little training in how to manage it, since most training programs are geared toward children. There was little guidance in how to reign in my high blood sugar other than the misinformation I found on social media or internet articles.

After a few years of struggling, I reached out to ConnectCare3 (CC3). They came to my rescue, helping me find a good endocrinologist and assigning me to one of their health coaches. My coach worked with me one-on-one to determine the best course of action. One of the secrets to good diabetes management is resistance training. Cardio reduces glucose levels in the moment, but resistance training helps manage glucose over a long period of time.

Most internet exercise advice and programs are a one-size-fits-all approach. Much to my delight, CC3 created a set of customized workouts tailored to my specific abilities and restrictions. The workouts he designed are comprehensive; I could feel the results all over instead of just a few muscles. He checked in regularly with me to monitor my progress and to see if I needed any modifications or wanted new exercises to add to my routine.  He is truly committed to helping me reach and sustain my health goals.

My coach also taught me the importance of balanced eating and counting macros. We tweaked my meals to help strengthen my muscles (and manage my glucose). I never feel hungry or as if I am on a diet.

I have worked with my CC3 health coach for over a year and am happy to report that my glucose levels improved, my mobility increased, and of course there’s the bonus of weight loss. My cholesterol stayed well within range, so I’ve also managed to avoid medications that most diabetics take. What started as a journey in just managing diabetes has transformed into a total overhaul of my health. I highly recommend CC3 for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes management!

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