Wellness Consulting

Get Help Building a Comprehensive Wellness Plan for Your Company

If you are an employer, HR manager, or involved in your company’s wellness committee, you likely could use support in creating a healthier workplace. Our Wellness Solutions Consultants can give you the resources, education, and assistance you need in creating and communicating a wellness plan.

The Importance of a Wellness Plan

The success of any business rides on the well-being of its employees. As productivity losses, absenteeism, and healthcare costs rise, the need to create a healthier workplace culture has never been more important. Scarce resources and lack of expertise may make engaging in a wellness program a daunting task. The ConnectCare3 Wellness Solutions team is here to help.

Collaborating with ConnectCare3

Our team will evaluate your organization’s needs and help you:

  • Build a wellness committee
  • Develop an employee engagement strategy
  • Foster effective communication with employees

ConnectCare3 Introductory Video

Our 8 minute ConnectCare3 Introductory Video can help you gain a better understanding of our services, and learn how our Wellness Consulting team can partner with you to achieve your company’s wellness initiatives.

Communicating the ConnectCare3 Benefit

Utilize the ConnectCare3 Overview to educate employees on ConnectCare3’s services. If you would like additional promotional materials, reach out to connect@connectcare3.com.

Learn More About Our Wellness Consulting Program

To learn more about how our wellness solutions team can help you create a healthier workplace culture, contact us or visit our page on Benecon’s website.