Nurse Navigation

Get Assistance from a Registered Nurse

Sometimes the medical system can be challenging to navigate by yourself. With ConnectCare3, our registered nurses help you navigate your care and treatment after a diagnosis which requires the care of a specialist.


Our experienced nurses bring a depth of knowledge to each individual case – including oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, critical care, neonatal care, pediatrics, and surgery. They can provide education on your diagnosis, prepare you for appointments, and research provider options based on your needs.

Patient Education

With extensive clinical experience, our nurse navigators are available to assist you in understanding a specific diagnosis by:

  • Researching medical databases and peer-reviewed journals for the most up-to-date information
  • Providing educational resources in language that is easy to understand
  • Making themselves available to you throughout your entire time of need to address all questions and concerns

Preparing for Physician Appointments

On average, patients only spend 12-16 minutes with their doctor at an appointment. Our nurses can help you make the most of your appointment by:

  • Preparing a list of questions and talking points to discuss with the doctor
  • Providing tools and resources to help gather medical records
  • Giving you, the patient, the knowledge you need to make a well informed healthcare decision

Provider Options

ConnectCare3 has no affiliation with any hospital systems or insurance carriers. All the physician options provided to individuals are based on your needs, your insurance network and the physician’s area of expertise.

Start Working with a Nurse Navigator Today

ConnectCare3 is a confidential benefit for those covered under their employer’s health insurance plan. If you have questions or would like to see which ConnectCare3 service applies to you, contact us today.