Marilu Deitrich

Marilu’s Story

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I began experiencing pelvic discomfort in the summer of 2019. The pain that was sharp and infrequent became a constant, nagging pain. I reported this to my gynecologist at my annual exam. After a pelvic ultrasound and MRI, I was told I had a non-cancerous uterine fibroid the size of an orange and a questionable second fibroid or ovarian mass.

My gynecologist discussed treatment options with me. I knew it was imperative to obtain a second opinion before making any decisions. So I called ConnectCare3 (CC3), a nurse navigation and patient advocacy program offered through my husband’s employer.

The CC3 Nurse Navigator assigned to me helped me further understand the different types of fibroids and the various procedures to treat them. I really valued how she deciphered all the medical jargon and presented the information in a way I could understand. She also identified well-credentialed gynecologists I could consider for a second opinion and prepared relevant questions for that appointment.


I was evaluated by one of the physician options provided by CC3 and learned that my gynecological concerns were more extensive than I initially thought. I was relieved to have someone with this expertise and experience rendering a second opinion on my diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Due to the complexity of my issues, a total hysterectomy was recommended.

My call to CC3 turned out to be a very wise decision. The second opinion also resulted in a change of diagnosis and a new treatment plan. I can say, without a doubt, that CC3’s intervention ensured that I received the right treatment at the right time. And, thanks to my Nurse Navigator, I was a well-informed patient throughout the entire medical journey. Her knowledge, kindness, and thoroughness were much appreciated!

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