Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you able to diagnose me?

Registered nurses are not able to diagnose a condition. Once you have received a diagnosis from your physician, a Nurse Navigator will work with you to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment options.

Can ConnectCare3 provide prescriptions for medication?

Prescribing medications is not within a registered nurse’s scope of practice. Visit your primary care physician or utilize a telemedicine provider if prescription refills are needed.

Do I need a diagnosis to enroll in ConnectCare3’s services?

To work with a Nurse Navigator, or the Chronic Disease Management program, you need to have a diagnosis from a physician. A diagnosis is not needed for several of ConnectCare3’s other clinical services.

Can ConnectCare3 help me with workman's compensation?

ConnectCare3 is not able to provide assistance for workers’ compensation claims or any other medical case that may be pending litigation.

Can you look at my test results and confirm my diagnosis?

Registered nurses are not able to interpret test results or diagnose a condition. Our Nurse Navigators can research second opinion physician options with specific clinical expertise who can help to clarify a diagnosis if needed.

Why are services only offered telephonically and electronically?

We have found that connecting with our patients telephonically and/or electronically is the most effective and convenient means of communication, not only for our patients but also for our staff. The ConnectCare3 benefit is available to plan members across the United States, making it necessary for us to rely on telephone and electronic communication to establish and maintain meaningful connections with patients.

I’m only available to speak on the phone outside of business hours, what do you suggest?

ConnectCare3 is a highly personalized service and we understand that your schedule may not allow the time to connect during the work day. Our patient advocates will always ask when the best time of day is for you to speak with our team, and we do our best to accommodate each and every patient’s need.

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ConnectCare3 is a confidential benefit for those covered under their employer’s health insurance plan. If you have questions or would like to enroll in one of ConnectCare3’s services, contact us today.