Nutrition Education

Learn About the Connection Between Diet and Health

Receive one-on-one education and support to create healthy meal plans for your wellness journey.

Customized Meal Plans from a Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitian will work one-on-one with you to complete a thorough nutritional assessment to evaluate current habits and identify areas for improvement. You can also work in collaboration with the registered dietitian to create customized meal plans based on your needs, dietary restrictions and lifestyle.

Do I Qualify for Nutrition Education?

Our registered dietitian will work in conjunction with all ConnectCare3 services, as well as independently. You do not need a diagnosis to work with our registered dietitian; you need the goal to improve your or your family’s nutrition.

Enroll in Nutrition Education Today

ConnectCare3 is a confidential benefit for those covered under their employer’s health insurance plan. If you have questions or would like to see which ConnectCare3 service applies to you, contact us today.