Nutrition Education

Learn about the connection between Nutrition and Health

Receive one-on-one education and support to optimize nutrition for your wellness journey.

Individualized support and guidance from the ConnectCare3 Nutrition Team

Our nutrition professionals work one-on-one with individuals looking to make changes to their nutrition! In addition to supporting the Chronic Disease Management and Prevention program, the nutrition team provides a thorough nutrition assessment, education, and counseling. You might consider working with a ConnectCare3 nutrition professional to help guide you with your general nutrition goals or with diagnoses such as food allergies, gastrointestinal conditions, various hormone related conditions, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and chronic diseases. The nutrition team takes an individualized style in supporting a person’s health and wellness goals, while encouraging a healthy, lifelong approach to nutrition!

*Please note, our clinicians scope of practice varies by state.

Do I Qualify for Nutrition Education?

Our nutrition professionals will work in conjunction with all ConnectCare3 services, as well as independently. You do not need a diagnosis to work with our nutrition team; you need the goal to improve your or your family’s nutrition.

Enroll in Nutrition Education Today

ConnectCare3 is a confidential benefit for those covered under their employer’s health insurance plan. If you have questions or would like to see which ConnectCare3 service applies to you, contact us today.