The Value of ConnectCare3: Q&A with CC3 Vice President, LaRue McManus, R.N.

The Nurse Navigation services offered by ConnectCare3 offer so much value to employees as well as employers.

LaRue McManus, R.N.

Nurse Navigator, Vice President, ConnectCare3

How many years have you been in the healthcare field?

I have been practicing my profession for 40+ years and it has been a very rewarding profession for me. I have worked as a public health nurse, worked in post anesthesia care, intensive care, medical-surgical units, mental health, outpatient surgery and held a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative. My career has taken me from the East coast to the West coast. My career eventually led me to transition to Health Care Administration and Leadership.

What makes ConnectCare3 such a valuable service?

The Nurse Navigation services offered by ConnectCare3 offer so much value to employees as well as employers.

Employees have access to Registered Nurses who are prepared to guide them through the dysfunctional medical system. Clinical research is done to access the latest treatment options, most advanced physicians for a diagnosis and ensuring the patient is making the most informed decision possible about their healthcare.

Employers benefit because CC3 reduces the risk of misdiagnoses for their employees, supports employees in seeking a second opinion, therefore, reducing medical claims for unnecessary treatment and allowing employees to remain at work.

Many of our patients have had a change in diagnosis or change in treatment plan because of the clinical research done by our highly qualified nurses.

Quality Control= Cost Control

How is ConnectCare3 unique compared to other wellness solutions?

Our Wellness Solutions Program strives to create highly personalized wellness solutions for our clients based specifically on their claims data and their employee population. We recognize that in order for our clients to have success, Wellness Solutions must be customized for a client.

ConnectCare3 is continually evolving and offers more services than ever. What do you see as the future of CC3’s offerings?

Our Chronic Disease Management and Prevention programs play a vital role in controlling costs for employers.

88% of American adults are in poor metabolic health; they have high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Our comprehensive program includes registered nurses, health coaches, and dietitians, all of whom work collaboratively to assist employees to develop healthy lifestyles.