Making Sense of Mental Health

Join the ConnectCare3 team for a wellness mini-series! Check out our YouTube channel for all Wellness Webinar recordings.

What is Your Mental Health Temperature?

You’ve probably checked your body temperature before, but what about checking your mind’s temperature? Learn more about the mental health thermometer and how you can best gauge your mental temperature.

Hijacking Your Brain’s Attention

Did you know that you have the capability to rewire your brain, manage your feelings, and strengthen your focus?  Learn how your brain works, the value of strengthening your ability to focus and how to mindfully navigate the uncertain times caused by the pandemic.

The Key to Unlocking Your Most Resilient Self

Life is filled with difficulties and uncertainties. Learn how you can best connect with your potential to become stronger through challenging times. Learn science-based strategies to develop the resilience needed to handle difficulties more easily and experience a more positive outlook and satisfying life.

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