How we create a culture of health

Creating a culture of health can reap bottom-line benefits for any organization. But, how do you either get started or re-energized with methods that suit your particular workforce and in-house culture?

You call on us. ConnectCare3 can guide you with a wide range of wellness programming, whether you want a Do-it-Yourself approach or a comprehensive solution. We can provide you with templates, ready-made policies, forms, advice, and best practices to jumpstart your culture change.

We also offer our HealthyGoals coaching program to guide, motivate, and support individual employees who wish to make substantive changes in their lifestyle. Please contact our Healthy Culture Strategist for more details.

What is P.E.P?

Planning, Environment, and Programming are the three keys for any organization seeking to improve the health of employees. We help you set short term goals, such as keeping low risk factor employees healthy and productive. And, we examine long term goals to slow the migration of employees to the higher risk categories, keeping health care and insurance costs in check. We provide tools, strategies, and support.

Research shows that 70 percent of all chronic disease and illness is directly related to lifestyle. That translates to “preventable” through Planning, Environment, and Programming (P.E.P.).

Watch Wellness Director, Mark Krug explain the P.E.P. program.



Ready to get started? Contact us for the P.E.P. Playbook to jumpstart your culture of health!


Healthy Goals

You know something needs fixing when 52% percent of people polled believe it’s easier to do their taxes than to figure out how to eat healthy! Yet, we know from our research that 70% of chronic disease and illness can be directly linked to our behaviors and choices. Better choices = less time lost to illness and improved financial well-being for a company and its employees.

This unique program supports members with any sort of healthy goal (or desire to set healthy goals). ConnectCare3 members can get personalized help from a certified health coach to set and attain healthy goals.

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