Nurse Navigator

Primary responsibility:

As a nurse navigator, my first responsibility is to listen empathetically and clearly understand my patients’ concerns. Then it is my primary responsibility to match their concerns and condition to the healthcare resources, which will meet their individual needs. These resources include, but are not limited to, providing physician options, writing individualized appointment questions, accompanying them to their physician appointments, and educating them. It is my responsibility to offer the resources and tools, which will enable my patients to make informed healthcare decisions. I would do no less for my family.


Why I love my job:

I love being a nurse navigator because it provides an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. As a teen, I wanted to be the person people could turn to and trust to care for them as they would their own family. This is what I saw in my mother, who was also a nurse, as she cared for our elderly neighbors. Consequently, my satisfaction is measured by my patient’s satisfaction when they clearly understand their diagnosis, are confident in their healthcare providers and feel supported as they face a serious diagnosis.

This job is perfect for a lifelong learner like me. As a child I was eager to learn, energetic and restless. Although these qualities sometimes got me in trouble, they are the same qualities that make being a nurse navigator rewarding. Researching to find the experts my patients need and best resources to help them understand their situation is very interesting; it requires energy and commitment.


How ConnectCare3 helps:

ConnectCare3 was created solely for the patient. The nurse navigators are specialty nurses who understand the overwhelming sense patients encounter when facing a medical diagnosis and potential loss of control. They are caring and knowledgeable. Because of their strong knowledge base and varied areas of expertise, the professional nurse navigators add a unique perspective to the current complex healthcare system. Their problem – solving ability and creativity allows them to find what suits someone’s individual needs. As liaisons they enhance communication physicians and patients and promote quality care.


Clinical experience:

I am a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital School of Nursing and am currently completing my BSN at the PA College of Health Sciences. As a seasoned career nurse with thirty-five plus years of experience, I possess a wide-ranging clinical background with experience in a local emergency department, and areas of oncology, surgery, and behavioral health. Before joining ConnectCare3, I was an educator for several years at Pennsylvanians United for Quality Care.


Best advice I ever received:

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.


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