How many articles on healthcare have you read this year?

More than you wanted to, we expect. Across the board, this is a top concern for employers today. And, let’s face it. The healthcare available in the US is world class, but also has inherent inefficiencies and varies widely in expense and outcome.

According to research by expert physicians:

  • One in five employees may be misdiagnosed entirely
  • 60% of employees may be getting the wrong treatment
  • 30% of every dollar spent on healthcare is being wasted on misdiagnosis and misguided care

Simply providing health insurance may not be enough. What if you had a way to unlock the system to get your people better care for critical illness, lower your costs, and increase productivity, even among relatively healthy employees?

ConnectCare3 has developed a solution for organizations like yours to safeguard your workforce more effectively. We provide independent patient advocacy and nurse navigation services for all levels of health needs, as well as wellness consulting to help you better manage the health risk of your employees. We maximize your healthcare dollar and help ensure your employees’ productivity and peace of mind.

We have story after story to prove how powerful and life-changing our services are.


ConnectCare3 can:

  • Reduce your health claim costs through better and proper care
  • Improve your employees’ morale and lower their stress
  • Give value through helping ill employees return to work faster
  • Increase overall health and productivity in your workplace

In a time of escalating healthcare costs, can your employees afford to waste time and money on ineffective or inappropriate medical care? Ask us how ConnectCare3 can better serve your company and your people.


Excess and inappropriate care are key targets of ConnectCare3

The New England Journal of Medicine shows that a shared decision making approach to healthcare resulted in a 10.1% reduction in annual surgeries and hospital admissions. While compelling in its own right, that statistic doesn’t begin to convey individual impact a service like ConnectCare3 can have.

Our purpose is to complement, strengthen, and maximize your current health plan. Eliminating excess or inappropriate treatments has immediate and long-term benefits for self-insured companies.

We offer your employees independent access to patient advocacy and nurse navigation services for all kinds of health needs. We also provide wellness consulting and individual health.


  • Is free to employees and their covered dependents
  • Is confidential and HIPAA compliant
  • Provides personalized, independent, and unbiased support and advice
  • Offers direct bottom line savings for self-funded plans

For more information about the specific services provided to the employees, visit our Members page and our Wellness page. And, for an employer’s viewpoint, click the Employer’s Story circle below.


More than half of people surveyed find it easier to do taxes than eat well

At ConnectCare3, our staff is relentless in helping patients get the right diagnosis and the best treatments available from expert physicians and treatment facilities. But, how do we help improve productivity and job satisfaction for employees with a wide variety of health needs, particularly when so many find having healthy habits a challenge?

We know that loss of productivity due to symptoms of real health issues, such as migraines, allergies, obesity, depression, etc., is a growing problem that is costing employers as much as $150 billion a year nationwide. In fact, it is estimated to be far more costly than illness-related absenteeism or disability.

To combat or help prevent lifestyle related chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and depression, ConnectCare3 works closely with your team to create and implement wellness education programs. We also provide Healthy Goals one-on-one coaching to your employees who wish to make lifestyle changes a priority in their lives.

Visit our Wellness page to learn more about how ConnectCare3 can help you jumpstart your culture of health.