Nurse Navigator

Primary responsibility:

My primary responsibility is to assist patients in navigating the fragmented health care system. I typically work with patients that have very complex diagnosis and assist them in connecting to the top physicians for their particular diagnosis. I work to establish collaborative relationships with the treatment team. I strive to treat each patient the way I would take care of a member of my own family.


Why I love my job:

I have the unique opportunity to become invested in cases on a very deep level. I am privileged to accompany patients on a very personal and often times difficult journey. My job allows for new and unique learning opportunities each day which require critical thinking and problem solving skills. I find great personal satisfaction in knowing that the research I have done to find the most competent treatment team can produce life altering outcomes. However, in some cases, patients are terminally ill and my goal is that they find inner peace knowing that all treatment options were explored and no stone was left unturned. I learn a great from my patients every day regarding perseverance, grace, and the gift of living each day to the fullest.


How ConnectCare3 helps:

Patients that utilize our service have the unique opportunity to have a health care advocate work tirelessly on their behalf. Our patients repeatedly comment that they no longer feel overwhelmed or confused. Communication improves with healthcare providers. Patients are empowered to become their own advocates. Physicians routinely thank me for assisting with their patients, knowing their patients are more likely to comply and understand treatment recommendations. The ConnectCare3 team is a group of dedicated professional nurses and patient advocates who share the common goal of ensuring the best possible outcomes for all of our patients.


Clinical experience:

I have 20 plus years of experience in the fields of neonatal intensive care, legal nurse analyst, and oncology patient advocacy.


Best advice I ever received:

Understand what is most important. Remain humble; as everyone has something to teach and something to learn.


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