From adversity comes action

In 1997, Sam Lombardo founded Benecon, Inc., our sister company. Two short years later, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After a long and challenging recovery, Sam identified a glaring need for knowledgeable advocates to assist patients in finding the best physicians, facilities and treatment options. He commissioned a study at Johns Hopkins Hospital to evaluate if a nurse navigation and patient advocacy program could help patients achieve better outcomes in the course of their treatment. The answer was a resounding “Yes”. In addition to better outcomes, the results of the study showed that patients with an advocate also had lower hospitalization rates than patients without an advocate.

Armed with his personal experience and the results of the study, Mr. Lombardo founded ConnectCare3 to specialize in filling the gap he’d identified, offering ConnectCare3 as a superior benefit to companies who are members of Benecon’s self-funded health benefits consortiums and cooperatives.

Currently, ConnectCare3 serves over 120,000 members across the country. Staffed with highly skilled patient advocates, registered nurse navigators, and health coaches, ConnectCare3 makes a difference in people’s lives every day.

Coordinate treatments and learn your options

ConnectCare3 unlocks the healthcare system by guiding members with health needs through the maze of options and choices.

ConnectCare3 will

  • Encourage compliance to reduce future risk factors
  • Locate top specialists and treatment facilities
  • Research specialized treatments and explore all available options
  • Prepare patients for physician appointments and procedures
  • Empower the patient to coordinate their own care
  • Support patients throughout their treatment

Healthcare experts in your corner

Our primary goal is to advocate for our members, so they can recover their health quickly, knowing they have an expert healthcare navigation partner. You will have the advantage of working with experienced Patient Advocates, Nurse Navigators, and Health Coaches.

Each person and role is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your care and minimize your stress. You can read more about each person’s typical activities on our Member Page, then clicking on the FAQ’s circle.