Colley Boyd – Nutrition Education

Colley’s Story

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I consider myself very fortunate to work for a company that includes ConnectCare3 (CC3) as an enhancement to their medical benefits.  CC3 is a company that offers registered nurses, registered dietitians, health coaches, and patient advocates.  I began utilizing the services of one of their health coaches in January 2021 and successfully quit smoking.  I put on a few pounds after I stopped smoking and wanted to “nip it in the bud” so began working with Kate Numer, one of their registered dietitians, in June 2021.

When Kate and I began conversing, she asked me a lot of questions to learn more about my lifestyle and eating habits.  She remarked that my nutrition knowledge was more advanced than I thought.  I was already aware of the major food groups, the food guide pyramid (or more recently MyPlate), portion control, and suggested quantities of each food category that a human should strive to eat each day.  If I ate a salad, for example, I knew the importance of adding a protein to maximize its nutritional benefits.  During our conversations, Kate and I realized I was basically bored with eating!  I admitted that I felt “in a funk” and tired of making the same things over and over.

Kate began offering me healthy recipes that whet my taste buds and motivated me to try new recipes.  She started out by providing me with meals requiring eight ingredients or less, something a working woman really appreciates!  I found myself getting more and more inspired to cook when Kate would send me a new recipe.  I eventually increased to meals of 12 ingredients or less.  Kate also introduced me to a recipe app you can personalize to your food preferences and length of time to cook.

Working with a registered dietitian really exposed the challenges and successes I was facing with eating.  Kate also introduced me to the concept of emotional eating vs. mindful eating:

  • People don’t always eat just to satisfy physical hunger. Many of us also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or to reward ourselves.
  • Slowing down and savoring your food is an important aspect of mindful eating, the opposite of mindless eating. Try taking a few deep breaths before starting a meal, putting your utensils down between bites, and really focusing on what you’re eating. Pay attention to the textures, shapes, colors, scent of the food and how it tastes.
  • Practice mindful eating by knowing that a craving may be the result of stress and then ask yourself, are you truly hungry?

I really started applying the techniques above to my thought process, while Kate continued to identify patterns in my eating and exercise routines and offered helpful suggestions.  Along with the recipe app, she also introduced me to a fitness app which offers workouts you can tailor to your preferences and time restraints which gave me variety in my exercise.

If you have access to ConnectCare3, I highly encourage you to take advantage of their services.  With Kate’s help I became enthused about cooking again and now enjoy the challenge of preparing a healthy meal.  My husband and mother have also jumped on board and embraced my new way of eating.

If you’ve read this far, the message I want you to take away from my testimonial is that it’s never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes.  And let the experts at ConnectCare3 help you on your journey to wellness.  Your body and your family will thank you for it!

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