Quality and Cost in Healthcare

We all know that a big price tag doesn’t always mean high quality.  What you may not know is that healthcare costs can vary wildly, even for the same service in the same region. 

At ConnectCare3, we believe that getting the right care at the right time is also the most cost-effective in the long run.  Finding specialists with excellent credentials and proven track records who provide care at hospitals that lead in quality metrics as well as overall costs should be the goal of every patient.  The higher the quality of care, the lower the risk of errors, complications, and duplication of efforts.  Healthcare providers who perform certain procedures at high volumes can both drive costs down and quality up.

In healthcare, informed decisions about where to receive care should always include facts about both quality and cost. The information ConnectCare3 provides here on cost, and the support we can provide on researching high-quality provider and facility options, can empower you to have a clearer view of your options and how your decision will affect your health and finances.