Decision-making Tips

With more data available than ever before, how can you make better decisions about your healthcare?

  • Seek to balance quality and cost. Both are important factors; be sure you consider each of them carefully.
  • Thoroughly investigate hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You have choices and often there are quality and cost differences between them.
  • Identify patient and family priorities. Your personal wishes, faith and support system all should factor into your decisions. Be sure to be clear on your priorities and make decisions accordingly.
  • Get help. There are many professionals, including the team at ConnectCare3, that are available to help you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

How Can ConnectCare3 Help?

ConnectCare3 members benefit from receiving detailed, quality research on providers and facilities they may be considering. Discerning quality among specialists can be difficult, but our experienced team of nurse navigators knows what information to look for to provide our members with the high-quality options for their situation. Our team can also provide targeted questions to ask at appointments to ensure complete understanding of the medical situation and the decisions to be made.

Our compassionate team of nurses also works closely with the patient and their family to help them identify what is important to them in a provider and facility.

Engaging with ConnectCare3 and utilizing the expertise of our team, can help patients better understand their options and can help them make better choices. The benefits that can be realized by making more informed healthcare choices, are significant.


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