Seversen2In July 2013 I heard the words no woman wants to hear: Breast lump. Biopsy. Those words took me back 13 years when I sat beside my own mother when she learned she had breast cancer. All I could think was, “History is repeating itself.” I was scared and confused. I tried my best to concentrate on what the nurse was telling me but after the word biopsy, everything was a blur.

After speaking with my husband, we soon found out that we had more questions than answers. I turned to the internet and was quickly spinning in circles! All I could find were medical reports that I couldn’t understand or articles that rattled my nerves even worse!

At work the next day, my husband learned about ConnectCare3 through his HR Department. He spoke to fellow employees who participated in the program. He told me that everyone he spoke to highly recommended the services. I tentatively called the number he provided and was relieved to speak to a caring and warm woman who assured me that she would connect me with a nurse to answer my questions and provide me with information on every facet of my medical treatment.

The next day I received a call from a ConnectCare3 Nurse Navigator. After answering a few questions, she provided information about my upcoming procedure as well as information about the options available to me moving forward. My Nurse Navigator assured me that in the event my results were positive, she would accompany me to my appointments and even provide a written report so that I had a clear understanding of my condition and my options. I stopped feeling like I was running around in circles and started feeling like I had a plan.

During my next conversation with my ConnectCare3 Nurse Navigator, I expressed concern that, due to a backlog at the medical center, my biopsy would be handled by a nurse practioner and not a physician. I wanted to know if this put me at risk and explained that I was considering rescheduling my biopsy. My Nurse Navigator phoned me later with informaon on the nurse praconer and my doctor, including their professional background and number of years providing medical services. The information helped me make the decision that was right for me.

My ConnectCare3 Nurse Navigator called and sent emails while I waited for my biopsy appointment. While the informaon she provided was important to me, I can’t tell you how much her support meant to me. Her kind voice reminded me that I wasn’t alone and that she was by my side. She got me through those difficult days of waiting.

My time with ConnectCare3 came to an end. Thankfully, my biopsy came back negative and I no longer needed their services. I can’t imagine what this journey would have been like without the support and information I received through ConnectCare3. I would urge anyone facing a medical issue to participate in this program.