Our mission is to help you find effective solutions to whatever health issue you are facing. Here’s a great analogy. Have you ever seen a concierge at a quality hotel? Those people know everything – the hottest restaurants, the best shows and attractions.

That’s us, except in the healthcare world. Instead of front row seats at a Broadway show, we find the best surgeon on the East Coast, or the behavioral specialist who knows the very latest research on treating autism. No matter what the condition, when you call on us, we stay on your team until you don’t need us anymore.

We advocate. We navigate. We investigate. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you or another insured dependent on your plan.

  • Help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Locate expert physicians and hospitals for your specific illness
  • Identify multiple options for what you need most, including Centers of Excellence and specialized treatments to help you make the most informed decisions
  • Assist with any medical or behavioral health conditions, not just critical ones
  • Attend physician and hospital appointments with you as needed

We know healthcare today is very confusing. Our job is to a) simplify the next steps for you and b) help you get the best possible array of options to choose from.

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How many articles on healthcare have you read this year?

More than you wanted to, we expect. Across the board, this is a top concern for employers today. And, let’s face it. The healthcare available in the US is world class, but also has inherent inefficiencies and varies widely in expense and outcome.

According to research by expert physicians:

  • One in five employees may be misdiagnosed entirely
  • 60% of employees may be getting the wrong treatment
  • 30% of every dollar spent on healthcare is being wasted on misdiagnosis and misguided care

Simply providing health insurance may not be enough. What if you had a way to unlock the system to get your people better care for critical illness, lower your costs, and increase productivity, even among relatively healthy employees?

ConnectCare3 has developed a solution for organizations like yours to safeguard your workforce more effectively. We provide independent patient advocacy, nurse navigation, and health coaching services for all levels of health needs

We have story after story to prove how powerful and life-changing our services are.

ConnectCare3 can:

  • Reduce your health claim costs through better and proper care
  • Improve your employees’ morale and lower their stress
  • Help ill employees and their dependents return to health faster
  • Increase overall health and productivity in your workplace

Ask us how ConnectCare3 can better serve your company and your people.

Differentiation and utilization = success

Partnering with ConnectCare3 helps your insurance offering really stand out from the competition. And, to encourage your clients’ participation and to maximize savings and account retention, we offer a full range of supporting materials and activities, including:

  • Posters, newsletters, and flyers — both print and electronic
  • Wellness consulting tools
  • Brochures and membership cards
  • PowerPoint presentations and educational videos
  • Video conferencing and webinars
  • Virtual Lunch & Learns

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Already have a diagnosis?

1. Call our toll-free number at 877-223-2350 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, to complete a brief intake assessment. Our patient advocate will discuss your needs and gather all necessary information.


Visit our Contact Us page and fill out our brief contact form.  A patient advocate will review your submission and follow-up with you within one business day.

2. Upon completion of the intake assessment, our patient advocate will provide you with an electronic link to complete a consent form to participate with ConnectCare3.

3. Our pledge is to have one of our registered nurses call you within one business day of receiving your completed consent forms in our office.

Employers wanting to learn how ConnectCare3 can help?

Visit our Contact Us page and fill out our brief contact form.  Select “Education” from the drop down box and one of our Client Consultants will contact you within one business day.