My title:

Wellness Director

My mission:

I have a gift — I truly enjoy helping people.  While I like helping people in general, I have narrowed that down even further and understand my gift is to help people reach their goals. Over the past 26 years, I have trained and motivated thousands of clients to reach their health objectives. I get the same amount of enjoyment helping a client get off their blood pressure medication, lose weight, or set a weight lifting record.


Why I love my job:

According to studies, 70% of all chronic disease and illness are lifestyle related and therefore preventable. I get the rare opportunity to assist people in either getting their health back or prevent it from slipping away.


How I can help you:

As a certified health coach, my job is to help you recognize patterns and behaviors that may be having a negative impact on your health. Once we accomplish that, we then create tools and support systems that foster an environment where the new behaviors can grow. I coach both individuals and organizations and look forward to working with you.


A few relevant facts about me:

  • 26 + years in the health and fitness industry and General Manager of several large independent health clubs
  • Wellness resource and coach for one of the world’s top executive coaches, author, and Lipper Award winner
  • Guest spots on Blue Ridge Cable 11 news and local CNN headline news & Blue Ridge Cable channel 13- 10 part wellness series
  • Radio Host WLAN FM97 “The Big Punisher” ran 2-10 week radio contests “Biggest Loser”
  • Advisory board member (past) at Baltimore School of Massage- personal training division
  • 1996 IPA Power-lifting World Record Holder and National Champion
  • Defensive tactics Instructor through PPCT- Pressure Points & Control Tactics


My certifications and training include:

  • A.C.E. – American Council on Exercise – certified health coach
  • A.C.E. — American Council on Exercise – personal trainer since 1993
  • A.F.P.A. — American Fitness Professional and Associates
    • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
    • Certified Functional Training Specialist
    • Certified Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist
  • Certified in Polar Body Age Assessments
  • Certified WELCOA Well Workplace University


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