Vice President Nurse Navigation Services

Primary responsibility:

My primary responsibility is to ensure that I do my absolute best every day to support patients and their families through the complicated healthcare system. I am responsible for direct patient care as well as overseeing the day to day delivery of care provided by the clinical staff at ConnectCare3. There is no room for mediocrity in healthcare, patients and their families trust healthcare professionals and it is our responsibility as professional nurses to honor that trust.


Why I love my job:

Every day is different and requires me to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. I have to listen closely to what is said, but many times what is not said is critical. Listening is essential when doing my job; I have to translate all other communication, tone of voice, body language, who is involved in the conversation, who is not involved in the conversation. I love the challenge of being a Nurse Navigator. There is nothing better than receiving a note or a hug from a patient or their family member telling me that they do not know what they would have done without my help.


How ConnectCare3 helps:

Although we cannot take away the disease, we can make the journey through the complex system easier for the patient and their family. ConnectCare3 can provide clinical expertise, answer questions, empower patients to become their own advocates, advocate on their behalf until they have the confidence to do it for themselves. A successful day is defined as knowing that just one person benefitted from the services of ConnectCare3.


Clinical experience:

I have 40 plus years of clinical experience in the fields of: post-anesthesia care, critical care, out-patient surgery, cardiology and home health care.


Best advice I ever received:

Both my father and grandfather told me to always do my best and always do the right thing.


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