Wolfe TestimonialAfter returning from vacation in late summer, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back and arm. I wasn’t able to sit comfortably, was a very restless sleeper at night, and was taking painkillers like they were candy. I went to my primary care physician who recommended that I have an xray and MRI. His office called to let me know he wanted me to see a neurosurgeon. He gave me the name of two physicians, but then I remembered my company had the services of ConnectCare3 (CC3). I recalled hearing that they have registered nurses on staff that will assist you in finding the appropriate physician for any medical condition. I contacted them and was so glad I did! A CC3 Nurse Navigator provided me with neurosurgeon options and also made sure I was armed with questions to take to that appointment.

The neurosurgeon told me I had Degenerative Disc Disease of the Spine and told me I could have surgery to fuse the disc or could try a combination of steroid injections and physical therapy. My first choice, of course, was to try the non-surgical option. The neurosurgeon recommended I see an Interventional Physiatrist for my steroid injection. I felt relief the first day after my injection. Some pain returned for one week but gradually left. I followed-up with traction, massage, and strengthening exercises with my physical therapist. I am extremely happy that non-surgical treatments were a success. I no longer am living on painkillers and am looking forward to getting back on the volleyball court, playing softball and golf.

The Nurse Navigator that assisted me was very knowledgeable, researched physicians for me, and provided me with pain management options which included their risks and benefits. Thanks to her valued assistance, I was able to make informed decisions. I was very pleased with the services I received from ConnectCare3 and will not hesitate to contact them in the future regarding any medical issue.