Nurse Navigator

Primary responsibility:

My primary role as a Nurse Navigator is to assist patients and families in navigating the complex healthcare system and to empower them through education and support to make the most informed and educated decisions possible regarding their healthcare options.


Why I love my job:

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to utilize my professional knowledge and expertise to provide individualized, customized care and support to my patients and their families during times of need. The patient care philosophy that prevails at ConnectCare3 ensures each patient and family receives superior healthcare navigation services tailored to their specific service requests and unique life circumstances. The ConnectCare3 team of highly qualified registered nurses, whom together have over 100 plus years of combined clinical expertise in a variety of clinical settings, provides unsurpassed patient care. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of a top-notch team of dedicated, skilled, and professional women.


How ConnectCare3 helps:

ConnectCare3 is a life changing service! Although we cannot take away the disease, we can make the journey through the complex system easier for the patient and their family. ConnectCare3 can provide clinical expertise, answer questions, empower patients to become their own advocates, advocate on their behalf until they have the confidence to do it for themselves.


Clinical experience:

My professional credentials include a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing Leadership, multi-state licensure, and membership in the American Nurses Association. I have nearly 25 years of nursing experience in both the public and private sectors. My clinical background is varied and includes extensive experience in mental health, acute care, long term care, public health, new program development, healthcare education and advocacy.


Best advice I ever received:

Understand that everyone is not coming from the same place; meet them where they are.


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