Nurse Navigator

Primary responsibility:

It is a privilege to work with my patients on a personal level as they make their journey through the health care system.   I work to ensure they are prepared for physician appointments, understand their diagnoses and treatment, and help them access not only centers of excellence but physicians who are well qualified.  I take my role as their advocate and champion seriously so I can ensure they obtain the best care possible in our complicated and disjointed health care system.


Why I love my job:

Every day at ConnectCare3 is different.  I love to learn and I learn something new every single day at ConnectCare3.   I like solving problems and finding solutions to those problems, which I get to do on a frequent basis.  I enjoy the relationships I have developed with my patients and their families.   Lastly, I work with a superb group of nurses and patient advocates who work together diligently for all our ConnectCare3 patients.


How ConnectCare3 helps:

As nurse navigators, we are able to make a difference in our patients’ journey through the health care system.  We make a difference by supporting them through their journey, by providing expertise regarding their diagnosis and the way the system works, and by advocating on their behalf.  Our ultimate goal is to empower our patients to advocate on their own behalf.


Clinical experience:

I have over 30 years of nursing experience in the clinical fields of pediatrics, neonatology, orthopedics, and community and home health.


Best advice I ever received:

My parents both gave me great advice while I was growing up.  Some of those tidbits include: be nice, life isn’t fair and it’s not always what you say but how you say it.


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