How to be a healthcare hero

There isn’t an employer in the United States today who doesn’t have healthcare on his or her mind. “How can I manage costs? Is our plan truly helping our employees? What can we do about lost productivity and chronic illness, either for our people or their families?”

These questions represent a big opportunity for you, as their broker and advisor, to be a hero. Here are some sobering statistics:

  • As many as 60% of patients may be getting the wrong treatment
  • Nearly 70% of patients do not understand their diagnosis
  • Up to 30% of every dollar spent on healthcare in America is being wasted on misdiagnosis and misguided care

You can present the antidote: ConnectCare3 and its independent healthcare advisory and patient advocate program.

Employers want to “do right” by their people. After all, they are often the life blood of the company and its success. But today’s healthcare system is a complex maze of primary care providers, specialists, hospitals, and treatment options that can stymie even the best-intentioned employers.

ConnectCare3 provides a deeply personalized, independent, third-party patient advocate service for all levels of health needs, as well as wellness consulting to help employers better manage the health risk of their employees. We maximize your clients’ healthcare dollar and help ensure their employees’ productivity and peace of mind.


Differentiation and utilization = success

Partnering with ConnectCare3 helps your insurance offering really stand out from the competition. And, to encourage your clients’ participation and to maximize savings and account retention, we offer a full range of supporting materials and activities, including:

  • Posters, newsletters, and flyers — both print and electronic
  • Wellness consulting tools
  • Brochures and membership cards
  • PowerPoint presentations and educational videos
  • Video conferencing and webinars
  • Virtual Lunch & Learns

Please download this flyer to learn more about our account support. You might also benefit from reading about employer benefits and our Member FAQ’s. We welcome your comments and questions.