One Step at a Time…

Camacho Testimonial_for newsletterI am typically a very healthy person and usually only see my doctor once a year for my annual exam, so in December 2012 when I had a sudden onset of back pain I thought it was nothing to worry about. I made an appointment with my doctor. She was unsure what it could be and ordered a CT scan for the following morning. By late evening, the pain had subsided but I kept my appointment. The CT scan showed a mass in my pelvic region and, being concerned, my doctor ordered an ultrasound immediately. I had the ultrasound and, based on those results, my doctor scheduled an MRI and an appointment with an OB/GYN doctor. She was concerned that what she was seeing was possibly ovarian or a type of uterine cancer, but because it was so large they could not determine exactly what it was or where it originated from.

At this point, I became concerned because I trust my doctor and she was insistent that this could not wait. I heard about ConnectCare3 a few weeks prior to all of this occurring so I gave them a call, and I am so glad that I did. The same day that I called, I received a call from one of their Nurse Navigators. She asked me a few questions about my situation, what I needed from her and how far was I willing to travel to receive care from a center of excellence. She also gave me some great advice – take things one step at a time. She attended appointments with me, asking questions and summarizing all of the information that I was receiving. Her support made my ordeal so much less stressful and easier to handle. My husband who was skeptical at first about using ConnectCare3 quickly changed his mind and was so thankful for the Nurse Navigator’s support.

During my first OB/GYN appointment, the doctor wanted to schedule my surgery immediately and without me consulting with the oncologist. Had I not had ConnectCare3’s support, I would not have thought to get a second opinion. After receiving a second opinion, I decided on receiving my treatment at a center of excellence and surgery was scheduled for February 2013.

Pathology reports came back that I did indeed have ovarian cancer, but because of the excellent treatment that I received, I am now cancer-free. My ConnectCare3 Nurse Navigator’s support helped me to take everything that I was going through one step at a me so that it was not so overwhelming. Hearing that you may have cancer numbs you and having someone there to support you and educate you on all of your options helps you to be able to advocate for yourself. I was so happy to have my ConnectCare3 Nurse Navigator there when I received the news that I was cancer-free. If I ever face another health crisis, I will definitely use Connect Care 3.