Hysterectomies are the second-most frequently performed, major surgical procedure among reproductive-aged women. Most women choose OB/GYN providers based on location or word of mouth, and in turn, choose a facility based on the provider’s affiliation and privileges. Careful consideration of cost and quality for reproductive medicine, especially for common procedures like a hysterectomy and cesarean section, requires additional consumer education.

Most Expensive Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine $20,539—$24,061
Least Expensive WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital $8,056—$8,904

Vaginal Hysterectomy, Complete, Laparoscopic

Most Expensive Wellspan York Hospital $21,851—$32,379
Least Expensive WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital $9,794—$10,824

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Health System Cesarean Section Vaginal Hysterectomy, Complete, Laparoscopic
$8,056—$8,904 $9,794—$10,824
$10,010—$11,718 $21,421—$27,115
$5,594—$17,880 $5,141—$19,039
$20,539—$24,061 $19,873—$22,271
$7,419—$17,493 $17,707—$26,827
$12,147—$13,425 $18,297
$12,428—$16,800 $21,851—$32,379
$1,401—$13,653 $5,422—$14,976
$7,419—$17,493 $15,770—$18,586

Cost is only one aspect to choosing a provider or facility.

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